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Suture Suspension Lift Training Preceptorship - Fees & Costs

Suture Suspension Preceptorship Training Modules

Picture: SSL in SurgeryModule 1 - Face Lift, Brow Lift, and Nasal Tip Refinement Training
$14,000.00 (includes training, 3 needles and materials for 40 patients)

Module 2 - Buttocks Lift Training
$14,000.00 (includes training, 2 needles and materials for 24 patients)

Module 3 - Breast Lift Training
$9,000.00 (includes training, 2 needles and materials for 24 patients)

These Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift training modules will be 1-day courses available indvidually or in a grouping of your choosing. The "Full Course"consists of the combination of all 3 modules into one 2-day course. Taking any combination of two or more modules becomes a 2-day course.

Also included in the Course:

  • Suture and materials
  • Our patent-pending Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift facelift needle kit (2 pieces)
  • My Suture Suspension Lift training DVD set
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1-year subscription to LipoLive, our O.R. camera streamed live over the web and on-demand archived videos

Training Course, covering the following areas:

  • Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Serdev leading training classThe history of different suspension methods and techniques
  • History of the Suture Suspension lifting system
  • Modifications made by Dr. Reynolds to the original technique
  • Anatomy of the face, neck, breast, nose and buttock
  • Selecting the appropriate patient
  • Marking patients before surgery
  • Extensive hands-on training
  • Pre and Post-Op care
  • Avoiding and managing Suture Suspension complications
  • Dealing with the difficult patient
  • Setting up your procedure room
  • Training your assistant
  • Advanced Suture Suspension marketing techniques

Needle Set (Full)

  • One (1) 230mm
  • One (1) 170mm
  • One (1) 140mm
  • One (1) 100mm
  • One (1) 60mm
  • One (1) 50mm

Full Suture Kit, includes enough to do approximately100 patients:

  • 60 faces
  • 15 butts
  • 10 sets of breasts
  • 15 others (nasal tip, nose ears, etc.)

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