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Suture Suspension Lift Training Preceptorship - Overview

Dr. Dwight C. Reynolds, M.D. and the Centers for Health Promotion Training & Preceptorship Division are proud to present the Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension System Training course, offering an opportunity for physicians to learn the technique from Dr. Reynolds the only physician in America to earn the title of "Master Instructor" by original technique inventor, Nikolay P. Serdev, MD, PhD. Get ready to bring scarless face, eyebrow, and buttocks lifts to your practice!

All Physicians who elect to participate in this course will depart with all the skills and abilities needed to perform the best and most advanced form of Suture Suspension.

About Suture Suspension
Suture Suspension is a procedure that lifts loose skin or flabby soft tissue.

Traditional lifts required a surgeon to make large, dramatic incisions in order to create results. With Suture Suspension however, small incisions combine with long internal sutures to contour and shape the face and body without resorting to invasive and complex surgery. View our Before & After pictures here.

The Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift Technique - In Depth

Image: Dr. Reynolds prepares to perform a Suture Suspension butt lift at Centers for Health Promotion in Ft. Lauderdale, FLThe Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension LIft (TSSL) techique lifts the deep movable subcutaneous tissue by anchoring it to non-movable tissue (fascia, periosteum, bone). Employing this technique results in a more natural and youthful appearance. The TSSL technique is ideal for lifting the face, eyebrow and buttocks. The technique was mastered and taught by Dr. Nikolay P. Serdev, MD, PhD., of Sophia, Bulgaria who in tern trained and bestowed upon Dr. Reynolds the title of "Master Trainer" -- the only certified "Master" in the United States--who has later gone on to refine and enhance the technique and equipment used into what is today known as the Timeless Suture Suspension Technique.

This procedure involves the use of custom FDA-approved, non-absorbable braided nylon(polyamide) suture with a special coating. It was manufactured specifically for Dr. Reynolds by DemeTech - a US-based manufacturer that has received Presidential honors.

This technique is significantly better than typical forms of lifting which are superficial and generally do not last nearly as long. These sutures are by far superior to other sutures evaluated by Dr. Reynolds in performing these lifting procedures, which were found to provide results that do not last nealry as long. These lifts go by the names of "Curl Lift", "Coffee Break Lift", "Contour Thread Lift", "Feather Lift", etc. These approaches appear similar but simply do not compare to the results of the TSSL Technique. As with all polyamide sutures (including the ones used by Dr. Serdev), these are permanent (non-absorbable) sutures.

Open Enrollment Now Available to All Interested Physicians
All physicians looking to increase their practice by adding this revolutionary technique to their skill-set ought to begin the registration process by filling out our online form HERE

Dr. Reynolds will contact you directly to discuss the program, enrollment, costs, fees and more.

Covering All Subjects
It is important that all perspective physicians understand that upon completion of their 2-day course, they will be fully prepared to manage any suture suspension case.  Topics will include:

  • A comprehensive history of the various Suture Suspension techniques
  • Review of the history and benefits of suture suspension
  • Modifications made by Dr. Reynolds to the original technique
  • Anatomy of the face and buttock
  • Prepare a suture suspension suite
  • Evaluate patients and determine candidates for suture suspension
  • Demonstrations of how to mark patients prior to surgery
  • Performing Suture Suspension in the Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension technique
  • Handling pre and post-operative care
  • How to avoid and manage complications
  • Assistant training
  • Advanced marketing

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Course registration dates for Fall / Winter 2018 have been posted. Get your preferred date locked in today.

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