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Thermage - Questions & Answers

Is Thermage a treatment for obesity?
No. Thermage is not a treatment for obesity. It's a treatment to help smooth out skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Who is a potential candidate?
Patients that have mild to moderate skin laxity (looseness) are candidates. Patients who are type-1 diabetics (insulin dependant) are not candidates for Thermage. Patients who have type-1 herpedic legions are not candidates during the active phase of herpes outbreak.

What are the most common areas of the body that benefit from this technique?
The most common area is the face. The skin surrounding the eyes. The arms. The abdomen. The thighs.

How long does the procedure take ?
The Thermage procedure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours, depending on the size of the treatment area.

How are the benefits of Thermage measured?
Intial tightening and firmness and thickness within 3-5 months.

When will I see results ?
Initial tightening will happen immeidately, but final results may not show for 4-6 months, depending on the area. Depending on the area, Thermage can last up to 6 years. Although Thermage is normally a one-time treatment, it can take 2 treatments.

How soon can I return to normal activities?


How long will the effects of the Thermage procedure last and how many treatments will I need?
Typically Thermage will last from 3-5 years and usually only 1 procedure is necessary, though more than one may ocassionally be necessary.

How will my skin feel after surgery?
Immediately following a Thermage procedure, your skin may feel tighter, smoother and more youthful. Overtime, you will notice additional tightening.

Are there any scars as a result of the procedure?

Will there be bruising?
No. You may have temporary redness lasting 2-6 hours.

Will I require general anesthesia and or I.V. sedation?

Is the Thermage procedure safe?
The Thermage procedure has an excellent safety record. With over 275,000 estimated worldwide patient treatments to date the reported incidence of side effects is less than 0.4%. The most frequently reported incidents are classified as swelling, redness, bumps and blisters on or around the treated area. These side effects may resolve in a few days or weeks. A rare (<0.08%) but longer lasting side effect described as a surface irregularity has also been reported. Consult with your physician regarding this and any other questions you may have on the safety record of the Thermage procedure.

What complications may occur?
Lumpiness may occur.

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