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Facial Rejuvenation @ CHP

Chemical Peel Defined
The desire for smooth, young looking skin is the driving force behind the cosmetic procedure commonly referred to as a chemical peel. Chemical peels use a variety of natural and man-made compounds to remove the top layers of the skin in an effort to reduce blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin coloration.

There are many types of chemical peels to suit the varied needs of every patient; some require a milder chemical, while others sometimes use a strong solution in conjunction with other procedures such as Botox®, Thermage® or a Suture Suspension Facelift.
Image: Peel woman
The chemical used greatly depends on the expected result. Stronger acids are used to treat precancerous growths, tough wrinkles, and blotchy skin, while weaker chemicals are used to smooth dry skin, correct acne, and improve sun-damaged skin. The type of chemical is chosen by the doctor to maximize treatment but minimize risk.

While chemical peels are some of the safest cosmetic procedures available there are still risks involved with treatment.

Depending on your situation, your surgeon may schedule one or more sessions, and ultimately you will be left with younger, smoother, and fresher looking skin. Healing usually takes a few days, and once the bandages are off the world will be amazed at the brand new you.

We use advanced formulation to provide the maximum beautification with minimal peeling.

CHP features Genevere® products.

Other popular facial rejuvenation options that CHP offers include Thermage® and Suture Suspension.

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