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About CHP - Dr. Reynolds

Dr. Dwight C. Reynolds, MDIn our Fort Lauderdale and Port St. Lucie Centers in Southeast Florida,  Dwight C. Reynolds, MD, AACS has performed thousands of procedures with excellent results for more than a decade as judged by our patients.

General Training
Dr. Reynolds is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, class of 1978. He trained for 2 years in General Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio. He became board certified in Emergency Medicine in 1985. He has been involved in Aesthetic Surgery (liposuction/body contouring surgery) since 1993. Dr. Reynolds is the CEO and President of Centers for Health Promotion, LLC., located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has developed an international reputation in his teaching techniques and his demand for excellence.

Special Training
Dr. Reynolds received his certification in Liposuction surgery more than 15 years ago through Patrick L. Lillis, M.D., one of the world's leading authorities and instructors of the tumescent technique. Dr. Reynolds has, in turn, trained other surgeons in both the United States and abroad in the art of Liposuction surgery (Tumescent Technique).

Dr. Reynolds' expertise in Suture Suspension featuring the Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift (TSSL) technique is the result of his primary training in Sophia, Bulgaria facilitated by the father of the technique himself: Dr. Nikolay P. Serdev. Dr. Reynolds has been doing the Suture Suspension for more than 5 years, totaling thousands of procedures without complications. He received his certification by Dr. Nikolay P. Serdev, MD, PhD in Sophia Bulgaria in 2006. In November of 2008, Dr. Serdev bestowed upon Dr. Reynolds the title "Master Instructor" in the Serdev Suture Suspension System the only physician in the United States to be given such honor. Dr. Reynolds later modified the technique in several key ways and developed the suture and equipment solutions necessary for FDA approval and is known as the Reynolds Timeless Suture Suspension Lift System.

Preceptorship Course Offerings

Today in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dr. Reynolds offers the nation's highest AMA Category 1 CME credits at 31 for basic and advanced liposuction / body contouring training for physicians in emergency medicine, family practice, internal medicine, general surgery, gynecologic surgery and plastic surgery. The course is a three-day preceptorship with significant exposure involving Power Assisted Liposuction (PowerX), 3rd Generation Ultrasonic Liposuction (VASER 2.0) and high tech Laser lipolysis featuring LipoTherme by Osyris Medical USA.

Dr. Reynolds is the only instructor in the country that has been given the title "Master instructor in the Serdev Suture Suspension Lift Technique" bestowed on him by the inventor of the procedure, Nikolay Serdev, MD, PhD of Sophia, Bulgaria. He offers the nation's ONLY AMA Category 1 CME accredited Suture Suspension course (20 Credits) for physicians in emergency medicine, family practice, internal medicine, general surgery, gynecologic surgery and plastic surgery.

The Numbers
Over the past 10+ years, Dr. Reynolds has trained hundreds of physicians and has given workshops in 8 different countries. Lifetime to date, he has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures including over 2,500 Suture Suspension Lifts. Dr. Reynolds is a member of several societies including the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, International society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

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